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The End of Political Parties Has Arrived

Two Party Gridlock has paralyzed our country!

GOVERNBOOK’s new Crowdsource Decision Making Platform Promises to Disrupt Politics

In just 20 years technology has revolutionized how we travel, work, communicate, entertain, educate and consume, but we are still governing America exactly as we did 200 years ago using an inefficient, outdated election system to choose politicians to perform the business of the American people.

GOVERNBOOK™ utilizes technology to replace gridlocked political parties and politicians by empowering you, the voter, to take control and govern directly.

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What is  Governbook?

GOVERNBOOK is a digital platform for democracy that empowers you, the voter, to govern directly.

GOVERNBOOK uses technology that makes elected officials to vote the way you vote in the GOVERNBOOK app.

Your vote is protected with blockchain technology. GOVERNBOOK is hack-proof and more secure than online banking.

GOVERNBOOK uses technology to provide 100% transparency in the daily activities of the elected officials serving on the GOVERNBOOK platform.